Resources for CSR

Companies Act 2013 has recognized the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and accordingly Section 135 of the Act mandates the company to contribute at least 2% of the average net profits earned during the three immediately preceding financial years towards the activities mentioned in Schedule VII of Companies Act 2013. Before CSR found a place in Indian corporate law in 2014, Amar Ujala took a step forward for engraving such initiative in the value system of the Company. Mr. Rajul Maheshwari had volunteered the Company to undertake such an initiative. Amar Ujala Foundation, in the year 2012, under the leadership of Mr. Rajul Maheshwari had taken an initiative to donate “EK paise Ek Amar Ujala” of Amar Ujala Newspaper-a contribution of one paisa from sale of each copy of Amar Ujala to “Amar Ujala Foundation.”

Accordingly, the Board of Directors of Amar Ujala has decided to apply efforts that go beyond what is required by regulators and has dedicated to spend higher of, either the “EK paise Ek Amar Ujala” initiative or average of 2% of the previous three years profit as the CSR contribution.