CSR Activities

CSR activities undertaken by the company

S. No. Projects undertaken by Amar Ujala Foundation from April, 2015 to July, 2015 Brief Description about activities Location
1 Blood Donation Camp More than 4000 units of blood collected and donated to government hospitals so far We invite donors to voluntarily donate blood and support the cause with the help of district administration. the blood thus collected is given to the local district hospitals Conducted Blood Donation Camps across all units of Amar Ujala on Blood Donors Day on June 14th
2 Health Checkup Camps
Conducted 20 Health Camps and benefitted more than 15000 villagers so far
• Regular bimonthly Health Checkup Camps
• Continous camps, conducted in a way that each of the 27 remote villages are visited every second month.
• These villages are poorly connected with cities, and have poor medical facilities.
free medicines, govt. Doctors to provide treatment and examine the patients.
on the spot blood test for – Hb, Createnine, Sugar, Malayria, Typhoid, Serum, Bilirubin, with the help of a portable lab which Amar Ujala Foundation owns
Conducted 20 Health checkup camps – 6 in Agra, 2 in Dehradun, 3 in Bareilly, 3 in Haldwani, 2 in Rohtak, 2 in Aligarh, 2 in Ghaziabad
3 Police Ki Paathshala
Connected with more than 5000 students so far
• A unique Student – Police interaction program held across AU units – one activity – every month- almost every unit
• Senior Police officers – SP, SSP, IG, DIG have participated across units in these programs and have requested more of them in the future.
1 interaction session being held at every unit of AU every month
4 Acid Survivor Empowerment • April and May, Amar Ujala Foundation supported plastic surgeries of 2 acid survivors – Atif Bilal from Bhopal as well as Kavita from Lucknow.
• Later in June and July, Amar Ujala Foundation sent Deepmala, one of the worst victims of acid attack in India, to Sankar Nethralaya Chennai, for series of plastic surgeries and vision regain operatx
• also supported Acid Victim Shaina by donating her a PC and a Printer/Photocopier/Scanner so that she can earn her living.
• Amar Ujala Foundation also supported Acid Victim Bharti Panchal for her treatment in June.
• also creating a panel of experts, who can advice these Acid Survivors on legal and livelihood aspects.
• Amar Ujala Foundation has also created a database of 75+ acid survivors who need help for treatment and rehabilitation.
• This program is being done with the help of Home Ministry and National Women Commission.
Across India
5 Evening Clinic • Launched an Evening Clinic in Rajnagar, Loha Mandi Area in Agra, for the weaker section of the society.
• This clinic runs with the support of local administration.
• A team of 1 Doctor, 1 compounder and a care taker has been appointed at this clinic which runs 3 days in a week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday between 5pm to 7pm.
• Besides clinic Amar Ujala Foundation is also supporting the govt. primary school where this clinic has been established
6 National Media Fellowship Program • Amar Ujala Foundation recently organized a debate on “People Centric Journalism” at IIC, New Delhi in which two Union Ministers – Shri Prakash Javdekar Ji Minister of State, Environment, Sri Shripad Naik Ji, Ministry of Ayush, Central Govt, and many renowned journalists participated. Along with this, our National Media Fellowship program was also launched and the awardees of last year fellowship program were honoured and Amar Ujala Foundation published studies of these journalists were released New Delhi
7 Baandal Valley Project • Amar Ujala Foundation has adopted 8 villages in Baandal Valley, Uttarakhand for women centric rural development where Amar Ujala Foundation is working on the following –
1)Encouraging women entrepreneurship by teaching them sewing skills and food production skills
2)Encouraging the local agriculture by providing high quality seeds and developing a sharing model for the villagers
3)Training computers to the students and women in the valley, and doing capacity building programs with the help of computers
4)Encouraging Mahila Mangal Dal formation and activities for overall development and growth
8 Supporting NGOs • Amar Ujala Foundation is supporting the following NGOs –
1)Child Care Welfare Society – To run 4 schools as well as computer training center in Agra
2)Bhagidari Foundation – For the upliftment of a slum in East Patel Nagar by providing the local women a training for stitching as well on sanitary napkins
New Delhi
S. No. Projects proposed to be undertaken from August, 2015 to March, 2016 Brief Description about activities Location
1 Blood Donation Camp
Target of collecting 20,000 more units of blood this year.
• Agra, Kanpur, Dehradun and Noida unit will step up the blood donation camp as a regular activity in collaboration with District Hospitals. Also, 1st Oct being Blood Donation Day, a donation camp will be organized across all AU units. To be conducted across all units of Amar Ujala on 1st Oct
2 Health Checkup Camps
Target of doing 80 more health checkup camps within this year
• Sustained activities with a motive to structure a mechanism for better health facilities and over all development of the 27 villages adopted 80 more camps to be conducted in Agra, Aligarh, Meerut, ghaziabad, dehradun, bareilly, rohtak and haldwani
3 Police Ki Paathshal
Target of connecting with 10,000 students in the time to come
• Amar Ujala Foundation intends to intensify this program and have one workshop each, every month at every unit of Amar Ujala 1 interaction session would be held at every unit of AU every month
4 Acid Survivor Empowerment
Target to support atleast 50 survivors, and collaborate with government to support more
• Amar Ujala Foundation is continuously working to empower acid victims. We plan to tie up with PSU and some private hospitals for the medical treatment and surgeries of around 22 acid survivors. We also plan to help 50 acid survivors to get legal help for getting their due compensation from government. We also plan to organize a one stop solution camp in Varanasi, Lucknow and Rohtak for acid survivors in order to help them get medical treatment, legal assistance, rehabilitation, livelihood etc. Across India
5 Evening Clinic
Target to open 3 more evening clinics
• We plan to launch three more evening clinic, one in Moradabad, one in Aligarh and one in Kanpur in the current financial year Moradabad, Aligarh and Kanpur
6 Atul Maheshwari Chhatravritti Project
Target to distribute 36 new scholarships worth 14.4 Lakh Rupees this year
• A scholarship program aimed only for the students of class 9th to 12th of state board schools belonging to an income group of 1.5 Lakh annually, wherein 36 students would be selected and awarded one time scholarships worth rupees thirty thousand for classes 9th and 10th and rupees fifty thousand for classes 11th and 12th. Also, approximately 100 winners out of the 225 last year’s scholarship winners, would be scrutinized for continuation of scholarship for this year as was promised. To be conducted across the units
7 Baandal Valley Project • We are working on encouraging women entrepreneurship, agriculture and computer education in 8 villages adopted by Amar Ujala Foundation in Baandal Valley. As we have got encouraging initial results we aim to focus more on food processing and women centric growth model in the valley. Dehradun
8 Supporting/Collaborating NGOs • Amar Ujala Foundation is supporting the following NGOs –
1 )Child Care Welfare Society – To run a school as well as computer training center as well as an Evening Clinic in Agra
2) Bhagidari Foundation – For production of sanitary napkins and women centric growth model in a remote village located in Jeend, Haryana
New Delhi, Haryana
9 Cyber Revolution
Target to connect with more than 1.5 Lakh students
• An intresting program to analyse the effect of cyber crime in the society, and suggest ways to prevent it, with the help of awareness generating painting and debate competitions for students, and thinkers conclave in which people from different background may participate and raise their concerns. For first time in India, a detailed report will be made on how people from different backgrounds percieve the threat of cyber crimes, and what preparations are required in order to make India capable of preventing cyber crimes across AU units
10 Cancer Checkup Camps • Cancer awareness and treatment program in collaboration with Bhakti Vedanta Hospital, Mumbai wherein first we organize camps to make people aware and then facilitate examination of the cancer followed by helping Bhakti Vedanta to provide them treatment at minimal cost. Bhakti Vedanta Hospital not only provides treatment to selected patients at a discount of 60-70% but also gives 75% travel concessions 18 cancer checkup camps to be organized at Jhansi, Aligarh, Agra, Kanpur, Rohtak, Varanasi, Allahabad and Gorakhpur
11 Viklang Shivir • A one stop solution for disabled in collaboration with Narayan Sewa Sansthan where we provide free callipers, wheelchairs, hearing aids, walking aids, govt travel passes, schedule dates for free operations and much more To be conducted at Allahabad as of now.
12 Stop Diabetes Campaign • Stop diabetes campaign in collaboration with S.Vyasa university, Bangaluru which provides prevention from diabetes with the help of Yoga.
13 Keet Paathshala Abhiyan • A project to train farmers of remote villages of Haryana, to distinguish between good crop insects and bad crop insects, so as to eventually yield a better crop. Jeend, Sonipat
14 Supporting Women Wrestlers • Amar Ujala Foundation is supporting and sponsoring Sarita More, International Wrestling Champion, hailing from a weak background Haryana
15 Sanitary Napkin Project • A project to develop Sanitary Napkins for rural women residing in remote villages in Haryana, by helping them create self help groups and working rigorously with the help of workshops and training on health and sanitation Jeend, Haryana
S. No. Projects in Pipeline Details
1 UN Women-Amar Ujala Foundation partnership UN Women-Amar Ujala Foundation partnership
2 UNICEF-Amar Ujala Foundation partnership • Encouraging Routine Immunization and training of journalists to spread awareness, through a bilingual blog and a series of workshops in Rajasthan